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The 2nd Opinion Clinic

Why Get a 2nd Opinion?

As an American you are used to having lots of options and when it comes to your health it should be no different. Gone are the days when doctors were placed high up-on-a-pedestal and patients hung on their every word. The advent of the internet changed that forever. Now with ever increasing numbers of medical information websites, health apps, and new research studies available at the click of a mouse the average American patient is more well informed and better educated than ever before.

With the medical landscape changing at a lightning quick pace and technology constantly evolving, its hard for any single doctor to keep up-to-date with all the new options. Many alternative medical treatments once thought of as junk science are now becoming mainstream and many invasive procedures that have been used regularly for many years are now relegated to the "treatment of last resort"!

At The 2nd Opinion Clinic, a division of Cornerstone Complete Care, we have assembled a team of caring and compassionate doctors from different disciplines who are a passionate about helping chronic pain patients regain the good health they once took for granted. Our team of physicians, each with different training and different experiences, to bring top-notch medical care to Southside Virginia.

You Benefit From Our Multi-Discipline Staff of Physicians

If you are like many of us you may remember an older relative saying "two heads are always better than one". Well, when trying to diagnose difficult or unresolved chronic pain conditions, many times the same principle applies. Our physicians "compare notes" on all new patients, developing a coordinated approach to solving your specific condition regardless of how long you have had it. We will sit down with you knee to knee and discuss all the options available (rating them from most conservative to least conservative) and help you decide on the best plan for you. Rest assured, when you are evaluated by one of our talented physicians you benefit from the combined experience and knowledge of all our physicians.

So when it comes to your health a 2nd Opinion is not just a good idea... its your right!

Special Times Set Aside For 2nd Opinion Clinic

While patients can get 2nd opinions every day, we actually set aside the last Wednesday of each month at both our clinics to evaluate the most difficult and chronic conditions......Call today and reserve your appointment time at The 2nd Opinion Clinic! The only thing you have to lose is your pain!

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